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Location: USA Minor Outlying Islands, Surry

Sex: Male

Age: 29

Status: Single

Occupacion: US ARMY

Hobbies: Photography,Hiking , anything with nature

Favorite movies: Shawshank Redemption

Favorite music: anything :)

Favorite books: The Purpose Driven Life

Favorite TV: King Of Queens, Discovery Channel, History Channel

About me: I´m real open minded and love to learn other cultures.I love to try exotic foods and just try new things.I have had soo much trouble with love and relationships, I´ve been hurt many times by love.I hope that someday I will find someone to spend my life with.I need a good girl :)
My job is really stressfull so I love to chat with friends,meet new people and try to keep my head clear of stress and full of smiles :) want to know more ?? ask me anything !

I want to meet: I want to meet anyone who does not cheat,lie or steal.. I just want to meet nice people, looks do not matter! I want to meet somone who is beautiful inside in heart,soul and personality <3

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oOo19oOoFrom: oOo19oOo - 2007-12-17 04:35:40
thnx for visiting my profile .